Bad Kreuznach High School
Bad Kreuznach High School
Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Our Alma Mater


isn't me, nor am I the first. I am all of them and I am none. I am one. I am a thousand. I am ten thousand. I am Army. I am Air Force. I am civilian. I played football and won. I played basketball and lost. But I never quit for I am a BearKat. For over forty-four years I strived and succeeded. I played in the band. I went to drama festival. I was a cheerleader. I was a fan. I ran hurdles for the blue. I kicked soccer balls for the gold. I worked hard and succeeded. And I never quit for I am a BearKat. I followed my father here. I came to support my mother. I lived with an aunt or brother. I studied, I worked hard, and I succeeded for still today I remain a BearKat. I became a teacher for DoDDS, I joined the Army after graduation. I went to college to become a doctor. I went to West Point like my father. I took up the challenge and I succeeded for the future is made of BearKats. So this school may close. This building may be filled with different children - children who may speak different languages. But the hallways will echo with BearKats. The Great Hall shall reverberate with the sounds of pep rallies and cheers. And the class rooms shall be haunted by the hushed whispers of BearKats learning. A post may close and a school deserted, but the ideals of the BearKat shall remain as long as one student, one teacher, one administrator remembers

Bad Kreuznach-
The Best Little School in Europe -
Home of the BearKats

From the Class of 2001, Author Unknown